Diagnostic Engine Fault Code Reader


Can any body recommend a Diagnostic engine fault reader, I live in Spain and it is difficult to get someone to do that here. Also can I get the code list from someone. I have looked on Amazon but it is difficult to find out which will work for My 2.5 2001.

Thank You     

2000 / 2001 was the change over to the Mk2.5.

Therefore if it is a MK2 you just need a an LED and link from Autolink.

If the car is a Mk2.5 just log on to Ebay or Amazon and buy any of the code readers there, usually less than £20.

The more expensive ones have vehicle specific features that you may never use and are garage level units.

They will come with a list of codes or some will display the code and the fault description.

No reason at all to advise which one as they are always updating the code on the readers. The one you buy last month will probably be updated by the time you get yours . Therefor the advise on any particualr unit is no longer valid within a very short time.

For instane my cheap code reader talks to my Impreza and Suzuki but not my MK3 MX5. The exact same unit some few months newer will talk to my MX5 Mk3.

If the advert says it can be upgreaded via the Internet so much the better.

I use this on my tablet and phone. Connected to a cheap Bluetooth obd reader.


After seeing the pics of instrument panel dials etc on another thread (can’t find it now) I’ve now bought one of those Bluetooth OBDII plugs from Amazon, and use the Torque software downloaded to an Android tablet. The Torque Pro at only 2.99 from the Google store is brilliant.

I was hoping my laptop could use the PC software supplied on its mini CD, but that was not relevant and Norton said it was infected with malware (both the keygen.exe files), so that CD went in the bin.

Can you tell me which OBD reader you bought? Is it for a mk3?