Diff Conversion - Drive Shaft Bolts

Hi, I recently got a 1992 1.6. I’m upgrading the drive line from the 1.8 to get the 6sp box and torsen/lsd differential. I luckily picked up a decent 6sp box but when I collected it I asked for the drive shaft and he just pulled one out of a pile so I’m not too sure if it’s from a 1.8, will find out when I fit I guess, and also had no bolts to connect to the diff.
My main question is does anybody know if the 4 bolts are different on the 1.6 shaft or can I take my ones from the 1.6 and use them on the 1.8 shaft?
And what is the main difference between the shafts that it has to be changed in the first place?
And if anyone has a diff and axles for sale let me know :slight_smile:

Do you mean the bolts for the prop shaft to diff? Yes, they’re the same.

Yea I sure did. Thanks!