Different Types of Radiator?

I’m looking to replace my radiator as mine is damaged.
I have a mk2.5 1.8 Sport. My current rad. has a single fan…

Can I swap in a rad. from an AC model which has a dual fan?

Also, I’ve read that the automatic transmission MX5 has a larger radiator, is this true? Do auto’s run hotter?

I’m guessing the 1.6 model has a smaller rad.?
I’d be interested to know the difference between the various types of radiator and see what my best option is.

I’d love to put an all alloy one in, however i’m on a budget at the moment.

Any help/info appreciated.

As far as I’m aware a radiator from any NB will fit, they are all the same apart from the auto ones having extra pipes running through them to cool the ATF. The fans unbolt from the radiator and are separate assemblies so you can just fit your single fan to it. You can fit one with 2 fans if you like but you’ll need to wire it up to the 1st fan.

When i had my my MX-5 1.8iS (NB) new in September 2005 I specified air conditioning to be retro-fitted.  This was done and the existing radiator was kept, it just had an additional fan and housing bolted to the radiator.