Differential Swap

 Hello folks, I recently got a 1997 UK 1.8 mx5, and I bought a differential from a Eunos 1.8 for it (well, I was told it was a Eunos limited slip differential).


Two questions really, are there any special markings on the jap diff that I can check for to ensure that it is what I am after?  Also, what else do I need to fit this to my mx5?  Do I need different prop shafts etc?



All of the 1.8 diffs are interchangeable, you only need the prop and driveshafts if you are upgrading from the smaller 1.6 diff.

Pull the inner driveshafts from the Eunos diff and look though the opening from one side to the other. If is is an open diff or Tochigi Fuji clutch LSD then you will see the perpendicular shafts for the spider gears, if it is a Torsen diff then you should be able to see daylight from the other side via a reduced diameter opening.

Differential Spotter’s Guide