DIY supercharger

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I am thinking about improving the performance of my Mk3. I am after a cheap and cheerful solution rather than something that will cost me as much as the car is worth (if not more).

So I thought that a cheap turbine that is powered by an electric motor shouldn’t be that expensive; right? So a turbine that will suck air through a filter and blow into the engine. The most complicated thing would be to sense/detect the throttle position in order to increase/decrease the revs of the turbo. A blow-out valve might be a good idea, too, I guess.

Am I over-simplifying things and it’s much harder or is it that easy really?

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Perhaps you’ best read this

That’s going to be one big electric motor.  To compress the volume of air needed to feed an engine needs plenty of power.  Despite the fact super or turbo chargers result in a net power output, they have a significant power input requirement.  A quick look on a famous search engine indicates that they absorb a few tens of horsepower, obviously depending on engine size.  I know there are stupidly small electric fans on sale which use a small electric motor to ‘blow’ air into the intake, but the mods won’t let me give my views on them!


Better off looking into upgrading the cold air intake systems but my understanding is the Mk3 intake system is pretty much optimised from factory.


How did your reach 180bhp on your Mk3?




I got the TorqIntake by Skuzzle. That got me thinking about a cheap supercharger!



This is what I was afraid of. I have seen some blogs where people use power banks and capacitors to boost the power source of the electric supercharger.


Skuzzle intake, RB Manifold, GoPerform back box with the centre section and 200 cell cat. ReMap by Autotronix