Do you have a Limited Edition MK1 Monza, MK2 Angels or a MK3 Z Sport ?


If you have either a MK1 Monza , MK2 Angles or a MK3 Z Sport  then we desprately need your help with this event

we are getting together every limited edition for a photoshoot for a book and are short of these 3 models

full details can be seen here

if you have one of these models and would like to help

contact me either by PM or Email

many thanks


Hi, I have a mk1 Monza it pretty tidy condition I would be happy to help with. Phil

Hi Phil

Many thanks for that

thats a great help

I have emailed you lots more information



Have you sent a generic email out to Area Co-ordinators for them to pass on to all members on their email list?


One of our guys in the SWM area has a Mk3 Z sport. If you contact Harry Baldwin the AC he can put you in touch.