Does this sound a reasonable price for a 1.8 MX5?


I hope I’m posting in the correct area, so here goes.

I’m going to view a 4 owner, 2006, 1.8litre bright red MX5 localy which is up for £4,250. some service history, though somewhat intriguingly has had 4 licence plate changes.

From the photos it looks ok, but obviously I won’t know till I view it tomorrow morning.

This is my first MX5 viewing, so I would be very grateful for any thoughts on the price on the number of plate changes?

Best regards,


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A lot of 5’s have private plates on, I wouldn’t worry about that.

All depends on how much rust you find underneath as to if it’s worth , what is, top money.

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Mileage? Must be low mileage as I sold a 2005 for £2750 6 months ago but I appreciate prices have risen a bit since then. See if all 4 wings are solid. No bubbling etc.

Ditto. I see more PP’s on 5’s than not recently.



Hi Graham,

It seems strong money so it should be in excellent condition.

Most importantly check for rust if it’s a Mk2. Any signs of bubbling at the rear arches and walk away. Learnt by experience sadly with an earlier purchase!

Hope it’s a good 1👍

Actually, sorry ignore me. If it’s a 2006 then won’t be a Mk2!

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You was quick!:joy:

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I wouldn’t worry about the licence plate changes either. It has probably had two private plates on it.

When a private plate is taken off the car and the original on put back on that will count as a plate change too.

Thank you all for your quick and helpful replies, most appreciated.

Silly me, should have said claimed mileage 71,000 and it’s a trade sale.

So am I reading everyone correctly that for the above mileage price is steep?

As you can tell, I’m very much the newbie!

Best regards,


It’s not too steep but definitely at the higher end considering it’s a 1.8 not 2.0, mileage is Ok but not low and it’s a NC1 not a NC2.
10 months ago a similar amount of money would get you a 100k 2.0 NC2 Sport tech if you haggled privately

To me if body and engine is good it’s a 3.5k/3.7k if very pretty and you fall in love. You will! Don’t drive it until you’ve looked right over it because as others will tell you once driven they are always sold if it’s the mk you want!

Good luck


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Cheers Guys, that has prepped me nicely!

At least now I have a reasonable feeling as to price.



Hi Graham, if you can try and test drive a 2.0 also. Bit of extra grunt but little difference on fuel economy and insurance.

Whatever you go for though you’ll love it. Roof down makes all the difference, like a different car when the top is down.

Good luck!

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Well that was interesting, initially the red 1.8 looked promising, just a few scuffs but reasonable paint and good interior.

They put it on ramp for me, to my untrained eye, just a little surface rust on various braces. However, on all four arches slight rust/bubbling and on rear of drivers wheel arch, a 50p size circle go bubbling rust broken through.

Short test drive, with hood up (spitting with rain) zizzing from by gear lever, crashing ride compared to two 2litres I’ve driven.

Salesman wanted £4,250, I said I saw it at £3,500, to which I was offered red MX5 at £3,500.

I said I’d think on it, but whilst perhaps I’m being choosey, I’m walking from this one.

thanks again guys for all the help, I felt it prepared me nicely!

est regards, Graham.

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Good choice. Go with the gut and this one said no! Money too high for bubbling wings and surface rust. You will only have a headache in future Mot’s.


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I would say the price is very steep. I sold my 2007 1.8 absolutely immaculate with 33000 on the clock and a full service history for £2900 back in February. I put it on Facebook marketplace and it sold in a week. Granted, I priced it to sell quickly as I had a Mk4. MX-5 about to be delivered. I don’t think you should pay any more than £3k, personally I wouldn’t touch it with that mileage, I’ve seen so many good lower mileage models for sale privately and on Autotrader.

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Yes, I’ve no regrets at passing the red 1.8 over.

Regards, Graham.

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