Don't have a test drive in a new Mk4 MX5.......


…brill LOL…, we actually have a Yeti as a “second” car…plenty of room for all our medication and lifes “necessities” in that

I’ve never used a cupholder - never understood why anybody wanted one… Somehow we did without them just fine until lardy Americans decided the Constitution allowed them to assert the right to bear 40oz buckets of Coke in their **** you pick ups . Amongst other things .

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Let me assure Sir. They are essential equipment to The Millennials.

Have you not seen the pyjama army of neon haired obese MumsNet subscribers feeding their “off to school” brat hordes of screeching ferals on Monster Drinks & Haribos in the family Zafira BratMobile early doors? 

Not that I would wish to appear judgemental of course. 

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Sheer, sheer poetry, Sir John Betjeman couldn’t have worded it better!

Recently sold my mk2 after 4 years,enjoyed it but I was to cramped up.Just bought a 2007 boxster with65000 on it.A totally brilliant car,wonderful to drive,and the same price as a good mk3.

It has been said I tend to veer towards extreme cynicism.

My interpretation of that would be pragmatism wrapped observative realism. 

Frankly, I care not a whit.

It’s great being a pensioner.

You can fart in Tesco & Costa and everyone expects it.  

As for ruddy cup holders ?

You are either drinking or driving.

If you want a drink, stop, get out, drink, get back in, “Fire up the 5”

Don’t forget to pee if you are over 60.

And then there is that free cuppa they all get from Waitrose, do they remember not to put it in a door mounted cup holder while the door is still open?

Coffee kills electronics, we found this out at work.  Accordingly, one of the standard mods on the Steenbeck film editing machine was to put in place a set of weirs and drains such that the spilled coffee was routed away from the live electrical bits (“Health & Safety”) and coincidentally into the editor’s lap. They only spilled the coffee into the machine once.

I removed the cup holders on my ND the day I bought it. They’re in a bag in the boot, never been used.


Heresy!  Such a statement should’ve been posted on a certain other Owner’s Club forum! 

Boxster?  That’s a dog with a sort of punched-in face innit?

I know bit of a wrench but at least I fit in the car better,and it has a lot more power!

…does a Boxster have cup holders…I could be tempted

I had a test drive in a 1.5  ND soft top today. Pleased to find it is quieter than my Mk3 when cruising on the motorway, so I won’t be needing the earplugs any more if I get one. 

Then I got back into the Mk3 and it did have a much sportier feel, encouraging harder driving. I put that down to firmer suspension and familiarity.

Maybe I should try the ND 2.0?

‘Maybe I should try the ND 2.0?’     YES.

…just used an on-line inflation calculator to work out what the £16k our MX cost us in 2002 would be worth in “todays” money…a rather surprising £25k, or about the same as an equivalent spec MX5?

Have just received an email from my local Mazda dealer with details of the new RF Sport Black in the Blue Mica paint

Seriously tempted to test drive one, although not yet owning an Mx5, would like to get one but should it be a Mk3 or a 4,bearing in mind I already have a Mazda2 GTas my daily car! Which ever one I could be tempted by would be a “summer” car…  

Cupholder. Sportscar. Really?

Same here. Won’t have them anywhere near the car. They are somewhere in the house (utility room I think). If anyone wants to buy them, I will sell them for much less than the retail price…


The very same ones who throw their cola/coffee cups, KFC brat snacks and crisp packets out of the windows as they drive along.


Which for some reason seem to collect on my grass frontage or gateway!!!


…be warned…if you go for a test drive you will want one. Whether Mk3 or Mk4 is very much a personnel thing. For me I prefer the Mk4, but it is a smaller car.

The main thing is they both have cup holders…