Door Cards - that old chestnut!


I need a little advice if possible please?

I have done my homework as I’ve checked the old site and trawled through hundreds of posts regarding door cards, replacement vs. revival.

From what I can see, all the DIY/custom threads all seem to relate to Mk1 5 door cards.

Has anyone recovered or created new cards for the Mk2? Is it basically the same principal or are the cards significantly different?

I don’t pick my 5 up until next week, so cannot check to see if there are any noticeable differences, but know I have to do something about the drivers door card as it is as tatty as a tatty thing in tatty-ville.

The main difference is the MK1 door cards are flat fibre board, the MK2 ones are moulded in to a shape, still from a sort of fibre board material. The MK2 door cards are still covered with a v covering so re covering should be possible. I think Mazda UK recovered the door trims on the Jasper Conran special edition, may be worth you tracking one of them down for a look-see.