Door Speaker ( right)

My 2004 sport seems to have a fault with the right front door main speaker. I recently replaced it with a good second hand one which only worked for a month. As I was considering an upgrade is there a known fault with the original unit ( not Bose) or maybe just bad luck.

I have also had to replace my door speaker and whilst looking in it,
I was told by the guy at Nottingham car radio center that the mx5 door speakers have a habit of coming unglued!!

it sounds like the speaker has blown but in actuality the cone has come unstuck from the outer metal ring.
the guy at the shop said that they can actually be reglued!!

a friend of mine used to repair holes in speakers or unglued speakers using a blue RIZLA Paper (the thinest) and a good quality PVA glue that had been watered down by atleast 50%.
that way it stuck well but was still flexable.

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Agreed. This works very well for splits or tears in small cones.

If replacing a hole, choose a paper that will match the thickness of the cone material, and sand the edges of the patch to blend it in. I found cartridge paper was good for most cones, but sometimes blotting paper was better after the PVA treatment.

However I’ve often found when the cone is beginning to break up, no holes or rips but just fraying in places, just painting the dilute PVA across the frayed bit is sufficient to re-bond the existing fibres. Start off dilute with a small artists brush, one can always paint again after it has dried if it was not enough the first time.

Suspension splits around the rim can be helped with Copydex, as this is a rubber solution and remains flexible. I also use it when repairing paper-back book bindings.

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yes that’s what the guy in the car radio shop meant when he said they come unglued

Just replace both with the JVC 2 way speakers from MX5 parts.
Much better quality at a reasonable price.
You can pay more and get even better quality, especially if you replace the head unit too but in such a poor listening environment, the law of diminishing returns cuts in pretty rapidly.

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Many thanks. I was looking at the Jcv speakers as a replacement to

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