Double din - so confusing

Make sure the head unit has Apple car play, then I belive will mirror what ever the IPhone is running.

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Depends on you choice of head unit, this lot won’t cost as much as you think and get you a nice head unit. The last two items are options, cheaper on eBay for the last item. That part will be needed to connect from the standard harness to the new head unit loom.
So a little over £430 gets you set up, you’ve just got to fit it.

or this one instead of the one above to save a few pounds.

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Ok so some head units will be pre installed with Auto Android, look for that in features of unit.
Then download Auto Android from playstore to your phone.
When you get in car, switch blue tooth on , on phone
Plug phone into head unit via usb, this then activated Auto android.
Your google maps will then preview on screen.
It may depending on head unit spec then allow your to 'talk ’ to google via steering wheel telephone buttons if you have them

You can mirror, it basically means what is ever on your phone can be projected to your stereo screen.

Currently going through the same consideration myself to replace the Bose in my NC2. If you want navigation built in you’re into £600 upward just for the head unit.

The best/cheapest alternative of wireless Apple carplay I have found is this unit:

Previously in my NC which I used to own I installed this but it does mean plugging in your phone every journey:

Thought you might get some clarity from this previous post. Very easy to install and I’ve been delighted with the result.
The Sony unit I purchased isn’t the most responsive when using the telephone via Bluetooth, although answering calls is clear and easy. The DAB on the other hand is good and reception is just as consistent as my BMW with factory fitted iDrive etc. When using CarPlay for any activity; telephone, Spotify, Waze etc, it’s brilliant.


Thanks for the shopping list, £450 for that lot then. But still no inbuilt satnav.

Don’t know about the less expensive radios, its all the terminology that gets me. I’m old school really.

Thanks to all who have contributed, time for a think

Yes I looked at an inbuilt sat nav as an option, it was far to expensive for my liking. I carried on with my aftermarket head unit that played my music, radio and hands free phone calling. Still had the stick on type sat nav in the screen and then added one of these DAB plug devices
TBH it was all a mess, leads and plugs everywhere if I had them all operational.

The sensible answer would be an all in one unit. Admit I already had the kit fitted for the dash trim and steering wheel controls, just needed a better DAB aerial and a small lead (about £4) to complete the installation. Then, December 2019 the radio I wanted was less than £300 on offer, now last time I looked was £350-£370 but I think there’s a new model out pushing the price up even further. Sign of the times now with the cost of parts and these type of purchases.
Anyways it’s a breeze now have all this at your fingertips, as mentioned above I can talk to the unit and tell it where I want to go when in navigation mode or even which music app I want to use.

I’m in the exact same position as you. I have a 2007 non Bose system.

I think I need this (they have a cheaper version without the steering wheel control support but I want to keep it)

Then a head unit (don’t know if it will work but heard lots of good things about it and seen others use it)

Dynamic Sounds do sell kits for a decent price too but the head unit that comes with it doesn’t have many features.

I looked at those Chinese units but wasn’t brave enough to take the plunge. Depending on which one you go for, the brand name Atoto seems popular, I may have gone for that. I think some have negative comments/reviews whilst others rave about how good they are for the money. One negative for me is fitment, some report a little fettling to the aperture is needed, Dynamic sounds say the facia kits may not suit Chinese unit or words to that effect.
They seem to have a bewildering amount of tech packed in there though.

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Bit late to the party but I have this installed in my 2010 model.

No ‘mirroring’ as your phone is the actual screen for the head unit. More features than you can shake a stick at too! Pioneer sync app gives full control plus voice activation and physical buttons including SWC. Single din size means you have a cubby under in the fascia, quite handy. Can run without the phone in holder, which folds away if not needed. Detachable front etc, even a parking sensor option that displays on the phone. Doesn’t have dab but that was definitely not a deal breaker for me. £100 plus the fascia and patch cables which you need regardless of which unit you go for. Anyway, it suits my requirements but may not be for everyone.

Good luck in your search.



I see no point in starting a new thread for this really.
Have found a couple of local installers to me who charge a fair rate for the work.

I requested to have the Pioneer SPH-DA250, but they can’t get hold of one for love nor money.
Apparently the factory in Japan burnt down that makes the chips. :roll_eyes:

So both have recommended the Kenwood DMX-8019-DABS. (As mentioned above).
Yes, more expensive, but does look better and has the wireless apple car play feature.
You only live once and all that… (Well that’s what I told the wife :wink:).

For me this will be the one and only time I fit (or them) something like this so wish to get it right.

Anyone got one of these fitted and wish to share what they think?

Well I stalled after putting all the above in their basket. By the time I’d decided to buy they’d increased the price by £40 which has put me right off.

Apart from the decidedly after market look I’d be happy with a PURE dab solution. That’ll talk to my phone, has a micro SD slot, Bluetooth and dab. No nav though but the above doesn’t give me nav either

The Kenwood DMX8019DABS is currently £444.99 from Car Audio Centre. (today anyway).

Or can be slightly cheaper from a company in Germany via eBay.

Like you I keep stalling because prices just keep fluctuating. One installer states I don’t need a new facia, the other one states I do. I list exactly what I want in the quote but never seem to get a definitive answer.
I will keep trying and sure I will get there in the end and go with the Kenwood DMX8019DABS anyway.
But was just curious of others reviews on it from here. :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

You could always go with JVC? They are made by Kenwood, just a lower cost variant. I’m delighted with mine- graphics are crystal clear and sounds no different to some higher-end stereos I’ve heard and has all the functions most folk want. It also comes with an adapter plate for slimmer fascia apertures. Worth a look anyway- mine was about £200 cheaper than the one you’re quoting :blush:

Thanks for that and now my head is really starting to hurt! :joy:
I always remember a few decades ago our choices were far much simpler. :+1:

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Haha, I’ll send you some virtual paracetamol :joy:

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I would second a Kenwood. I had a sony before which was good but the kenwood is far better. However the screens are hard to see in the glare from the sun so having the unit incorporate a satnav is a worthless feature IMO. Better to have a garmin nav stuck to the glass low down in centre. Also dosen’t having a phone connected to the audio unit make it much more enticing to go for is while driving of even going for the audio screen to change functions? A sure thing to get a fine from an all too suspicious on the beat officer.


Hi, see my post further up the thread. I took the plunge and ordered the Kenwood DMX-8019-DABS from Dynamic sounds last week for £449, although it has gone up in price since. I also ordered the fascia kit/steering wheel control (mine was the Bose version to go in a 2010 NC2). Tip if you do order from Dynamic, I chose free delivery as I didn’t need it until weekend but they sent it DPD next day anyway.

I did the install myself which was fairly straightforward, the GPS aerial can be installed under the dashboard rather than on top of it.

Its a very slick interface, much nicer than the Sony unit I had in my NC. The wireless Apple carplay connects and works flawlessly and I tried the navigation today and it was fine.

There are 2 usb leads from the back of the unit which you can access through the glovebox if you don’t wish to use the extension cables provided.

I used one of these for the DAB, easy neat installation and it works fine for me.


Well done and thanks.
That is exactly what I was after. :+1:
It’s the wireless Apple car play that has swung it for me.
Reading up on it you can also adjust the viewing angle/height which “might” help with dazzle perhaps.
Mine is Non Bose.
I will see what price this chap will come up with today to have it fitted.(Or do it myself).
I decided that he might as well fit the kenwood reverse camera too at the same time.(Yes I know what some members think of them on an MX5 :wink:).

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