Early eunos insurance / specialist insurance

As some may have seen, I’m looking at getting an 1991- 1993 mx5 mk1 eunos, so it’ll be an import.
From a couple of vehicles I’ve seen that I like I’ve had quotes of £700-£800 (~£4000 for 1990 model!) for 5000 miles a year, with car kept on driveway and having access to another car. (With mainstream providers)

In a couple of year though, I’m looking for the mx5 to be my daily when my brother gets my current daily. So that’ll be 12000 miles instead.

For reference I’m currently 20 years old, 3 years driving experience and 3 years no claims (in the next month).

Has anyone had experience in any of the following specialist insurers for both my current and future situations (getting daily insurance for it seems hard, especiallyas it gets older!):

Adrian flux
Rh specialist insurance
One call
Ellis David
Footman James
Keith Michael’s
Lancaster insurance

Thanks in advance

I’ve used FJ for years, and had no real problems with them except one time my premium jumped to double the expected amount and when I queried it they told me nothing could be done and that the year before had been cheap due to computer error. Then a different person rang me back next day to apologise because they’d forgotten to apply the club discount which brought it back down to the normal cost I’d been expecting.

So, make sure when you get quotes from the companies on the club discount scheme to make sure they give you the member discount quote because it can make quite the difference.

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Thank you. Will definitely make sure I look at ones that recognise the club.

Did you try ourselves for insurance at all? If you did how did we do?

I have used both Adrian Flux and Lancaster, this year went back to Adrian Flux as an agreed value was needed.
Lancaster and Flux both quoted the same but Flux was much easier to speak to someone.
I was quoted around £100 each car plus £15 for each cars agreed value that then jumped to £50 for each car once the policy was paid :thinking:
So if your looking for agreed values double check what they quote or like me you end up with no agreed values; Which kinda defeated what I set out to do :weary:

That’s a good point by @leman, the normal insurers tend not to do agreed value, so you’d only get scrap value at best if the car ever got written off.