Eastern Region has more?

 ER has  more SNOW [:D]

i agree there …We went into the city tonight, christmas carols being sung and the snow falling it felt like christmas

Ahhh…I miss the snow. We have had a bit of a long summer here and there is still no snow on Mount Charleston. Its very hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it is still so warm.

I bet Young Bavers did not enjoy his rugby match in Bishops Stortford today though!

It was snowing here earlier, but it keeps raining inbetween so it keeps going. [::(]

I want LOTS of snow !! … and a large open area for the MX5. [6]

Mmm…springs here…30 degrees today with blue skies 

 Geoff, thats  not  strictly true  for all of Oz though :slight_smile:

Yep, that’s one of the problems of living in a sub tropical country…when it rains and blows it puts the '87 hurricane to shame, however the QLD tourism motto is “Queensland - Beautiful one day, perfect the next.”   Sums it up for me, I’m typing this at 07:20, there’s not a cloud in the sky but it’s a bit chilly, only about 24 at the moment 

So I guess to carry on the thread ERHMF [Sunshine Coast chapter] has more sun!!! 

I think you may have competition for that title Geoff!

We certainly have less rain!!!

Well Daz discovered sideways is more expensive this Sunday on our run to Burghley House…But thats his story to tell…


Oh dear, has there been an incident?.. emphasis on “dent”… [:O]



 Is he OK? [:S]

Dented bumper and pride - luckily the car stayed up the bank, if it had slid off I would have hit him as I fishtailed on the same ice patch, but given the warning managed to keep the car straight.  Daz needs a new numberplate and the bumper pulled or a new bumper.

Poor Daz!
As Bavers would tell you, its easy done in those weather conditions. Sounds like it will be less costly though.
Thinking of you, as you were there for us on that day.

Hi Molly, I remember the day well, the drive back to find Bavers was hairy to say the least. Hope DAZ is ok…we need pics…

Hey Guys, just thought I would let you know that the ER (Vegas Chapter) has more snow! Very rare occurrence in the Mohave Desert!

The nearest we get to snow is a bit of ground frost in a place about 450k’s south of here, it’s called Gleninis and is the coldest place in QLD


Anyway back to the original ER have more…overseas chapters!!!-----