Eastern Region Monthly Meet - Wednesday 4th March @ 8pm (Bury, Suffolk)

Afternoon Eastern Regioners.

It’s the First of the months local meets on Wednesday 4th March. As always, the first meet of the month will be at The Manger, Bradfield Combust, Bury Saint Edmunds IP30 0LW. We’ll be there from 8pm onwards talking everything MX5’s and general waffle.

Everyone from across the Region and beyond is more than welcome. There’s LOADS of parking and if you fancy eating there’s plenty on the menu to choose from.


another new car Ady?

:joy: … yeah. I thought i’ve tried the Mini Cooper S and the Volvo, so I thought i’d try a classic.

This is what we’re missing in the lockdown… A wild night at The Manger, 2nd May 2018…

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I’ve lost weight since then.

And I’ve got a new jacket…

And since when did we ever sit there?

My hair is definitely bigger!!

Upside is, the mileage is being kept down on the NC and I haven’t been to a petrol station since mid March. :+1:t3:

Don’t you remember that wild night? Just to mix it up a bit we went and sat at the other end of the pub just for kicks. What a mad bunch, rock and roll and all that… :eyes: