Editing post

Hi unless I’m imagining this when I edit a post it’s changing the time and making it look like I’ve just posted I’m convinced it didn’t used to.Has this always been the case I use lots of forums and never noticed this on others.

Edit post

Just another test

Edit this post, and I’ll let you know what has changed

Just typed in editing my first post now it’s changed the time did it use to do that?

Sorry shouldn’t have responded for your test but this is a edit

Your first post now looks like this. As a Mod, I can see you have made edits. The actual time the post was made hasn’t changed. See screenshot.

Hi look at the one ref ceramic brakes my last post says 13 hours ago but it’s in the latest posts saying 5 hrs ago when I edited this morning…hope this makes sense…Just don’t want to look like I’m bumping posts.