Editing Posts?

Is there any way to edit posts? I may have missed something but can’t find a way to edit a post I made. 

Edit button… what forum are you trying to edit in as the edit wasn’t switch on in a few but I thought we had since gone through and activated it everywhere, may have missed one… [:$]

Where is the edit button??

http://mx5oc.co.uk/forum/forums/p/487/1089.aspx#1089 and also this one.  Another thing now is I’m getting loads of emails rather than just one when people have replied to the threads I’ve subscribed to. 

same here lance, got about 15 this am,none pointing to any specific item. ? rather than items i had become involved with on posts.

I must say this matter with the emails is really hacking me off - I’ve just received 10 emails re posts “New Forum” where previously I would have just received 1. At least the “edit” button has now appeared[:)]


You want to see how many emails I have…  [:(] 

I think it needs turning off in your profile completely then on again in forums and topics you want to get them from…  Please experiment if you can then maybe we do something for the FAQ section…

I’m only getting them for the posts I’ve subscribed to but the software sends an email for vevery single response where the old board used to generate just one email until you viewed the post again

I can only edit if I start the thread… and with my smelling I need it on replies too.


EDIT: Except this one… doh!