Editing Profile

Hi, I’m trying to update my profile with car details but cannot find the correct colour in drop-down menu.  


My car is Nordic Green - unless I’m the only person with this colour then I’m sure there are other people with same problem.  


Can the website be updated to add this colour please?



Bob, I’m not being funny, but as a member who appears to have been here for just one week, you won’t be aware that this website has a lot of far more serious and urgent problems than matching the profile colour scheme to people’s car paintwork!

If this is the only problem you’ve suffered, you’re one of the lucky ones. Many members (myself too at times) are having big trouble even getting the forum pages to display before they fall asleep or go on holiday.

We’ve been told that the software is due for a complete rethink (long overdue) and the subject is to be discussed at the upcoming AGM.

Ok, no problem, thanks for letting me know.  I was only trying to help!!!


Doesn’t mean that it isn’t a valid question from a Club Member though… I’ll flag it to Ramsay, it should be a simple pick list update.

Ian, I didn’t mean it wasn’t a valid request and certainly didn’t wish to cause any offence to anyone.

However, in view of the severe recent problems this website has been suffering, even to get any page to appear at all, and the very disgruntled responses we’ve seen from some moderators (you will certainly remember that one thread about it has been “put in administration”), it did make me grin!


No worries, the written word can often appear blunt without that being the intent