Electric windows, Wipers and air conditioning stopped

  1. My model of MX-5 is: MX5 NA '91
  2. I’m based near: Scotland
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: Electric windows, wipers and air conditioning have just stopped working, in the middle of a long drive, in the rain. Please help! And please say its something easily fixed but the road side



Check relevant fuses

This combination of failure points to a faulty or dirty ignition switch. Try jiggling the keys. Try taking off any other keys, key rings, as sometimes its the weight of other keys that does it.

Fuses for these are in the interior fuse box. Windows are on a 30A fuse, wipers on a 20A.

Aircon fuse (aircon fan) is under the bonnet.


Hopefully the OP was able to complete their long drive.


Sorry, I was not able to complete the drive, had to abandon the car 2 and a half hours from my destination. This and I also got a flat tire. Sods law.

I’ve taken the ignition switch out though and taken it home to take it apart and clean it all. It looks like a fairly new one, though the car has sat for a long time recently and the grease inside has gone very cloudy and old looking so hoping that the clear out, clean and regreasing will be the fix and I won’t need to replace the whole switch.

Thanks for you help though!!


If the switch has been recently replaced, might be worth investigating the wiring some more.