Good Morning All

Took my 94 Eunos for its MOT yesterday. Tripped up initially on emissions but sorted and passed ! All good. Woken early this morning by continuous horn noise coming from the car ! Have disconnected the electrical supply to the horn, reconnected battery and “horn” still blaring . Car has an ancient immobiliser " Autowatch" which has never given any problems. To be honest I always thought it just immobilised the car and didn’t have an alarm but guess it must have a separate horn somewhere that is now faulty. I don’t "set " it as such - all it consisits of is a small black barrel which is attached to the key ring. I wondered if anyone knew anything about these alarms or  has experienced similar bizarre events ?

Any help greatly appreciated !!



Dave (Notts)


Did you leave a mobile-phone in the car?  This can upset some alarm systems.  Without knowing the details of yours this is just a possibility.

Thanks for that. Have silenced the car now as I hadn’t realised there are 2 horns lurking at the front and I’d only disconnected one of them ( at 5am !)

So doesn’t appear to be an alarm issue but feel it’s connected (!) to yesterday’s MOT as the horn push has always been iffy since I fitted a new steering wheel. Never use it of course and guess the tester gave it a good punch to get it to work, disturbed the (iffy) wiring at the back which subsequently contacted in the middle of the night …

Just for info, the emissions failure was down to failed cat which I believe is fairly common. Was bracing myself for a big bill but my garage (Thrussington Garage, East Goscote, Leics, who are top MX5 guys by the way ) sourced a new one for 80 quid so not too bad .

Enjoy the weather in your cars !