Electrics & ICE

Hi Folks, I’m a new member. Just acquired 1990 1.6 Eunos Roadster. Unable to stop engine running-on after switching off the ignition. Have removed 6 blade connector part of ignition switch, cleaned up all the terminals, including the 2 semi-circular ‘rotors’, pulled out the little springs slightly, re-assembled, operated the switch using a flat screwdriver (i.e. bypassing the key barrel) and engine still runs on when switch returned to fully off position! Note, this happens from cold, not after engine is hot! Definitely not ‘dieseling’ or hot carbon in chambers.

Am now at a loss as to possible cause of this. Presumably some sort of electical problem. As I’m a new owner, I am unaware of any recent electrical work that’s been done on the car. Been googling the problem for last 4 days but no reports about MX5’s. Any other MX5 owner had the same problem and, if so, how was it solved, PLEASE!


Replied to your e-mail Graham