Eliminating PAS on NB - technical and MOT query

Hi everyone

I’m considering removing the PAS on my NB. I’ve found various resources online for the job and realise it is different to the NA system, for which Flyin’ Miata has an indepth procedure. I see that the BRSCC MX-5 Championship cars can have it safely removed without any further consdieration (of course, MOT exempt)

So, my queries:

  1. Has anyone in the club done this mod, and are there any tips?

  2. Is removing the PAS a problem for MOT and insurance considerations?

Thank you

1.6 Green NB near Glasgow.

Hi. Sorry, but what’s PSA?

{lightbulb} Wait - do you mean PAS, as in power assisted steering?

Ah, yes PAS!

I am going to do mine and think for the MOT if it is not there it can’t be tested, a bit like the spare tyre. Also if it is done properly I would be surprised if they noticed it was missing.
If you are reading this and you are an MOT tester please tell me where you are so I can go somewhere else. :wink:

Hi Doug and welcome to the forums. Sorry i can’t weigh in with any advice but I’m very interested to read what the experts know as I have considered this mod too.

I have a depowered rack on my mk1 with no issues come MOT time. I don’t think there’s much difference between the mk1 and mk2 racks, the process should be essentially the same. The tricky part is welding the pinion assembly without distorting it.

yeah mot wise if it isnt there it cant be tested and this approch works on a whole manner of items too lol.

No fear, I’m not an MOT tester! I was thinking this might be the case, that if it is not present it can’t be tested.

…what other items? :grinning:

Thanks for the welcome @TOGs_driver

I’ve found varying bits of info, but the best how-to seems to be this from Mazda Speed, and piggy-backs the Flyin’ Miata NA article. http://www.mazda-speed.com/forum2/index.php/topic,22690.0.html

@H61, did you do the work yourself or have a works do it? I’m hoping to do the work myself, apart from the welding. Apparently there is a difference between the NA and NB racks, probably due to the slightly wider subframe the NB has at the front.

Out of curiosity why does anyone want to de power their rack. I understand the car was designed for power steering, has one of the best power steering systems ever fitted to a car and, from absolute personal experience only in the steering dept is almost as much fun as a caterham 7 and more fun than a Boxster.

Mine is an NA but steering wise I thought they were more or less identical

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oh mate theres a list, but to put it in the most simple terms, if it fails and you can remove it go outside remove it and then it will pass lol. litrally doors, windows, windscreen

I’d like to see the more complex terms or the list as a former caterham racer, present hillclimber when this pandemic isnt on (Alfasud) and half a lifetime messing about with performance cars I still find the power steering rack on the NA a treat.

I am replacing all the pipes on mine as they are on there way out but I’d never lose it.

I need to loose my power steering to make some space for an engine conversion. Luckily the new engine is also lighter.

That I understand. :grin:

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A very reasonable question Andrew and fair points made.
Some say that the steering response is better at speed although the steering will be heavy at low speeds.
Is there any weight saving to be gained. How much do all of the steel or flexi pipes, pump, belt and header tank weigh?:thinking:
I think I would like to drive with and without before I made any firm decisions.
Personally my main reason for considering this mod is to make the car feel older. That probably sounds a tad perverse but for someone who is attempting to create the feel of a 50s/60s sports car but with modern reliability, non-power assisted steering could help with that goal.

Well each to their own, but no, cant get my head around that.

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You should try my Alfasud on Avon cut slicks - it needs a steering wheel off HMS victory at low speed.

For a car that feels old, there is nothing like a caterham. It’s reliable, has absolutely no creature comforts and it’s an interesting exercise watching the wheels bob up and down. When I got the MX5 it was for a caterham I could live with and I’ve not been disappointed.

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Interesting Andrew.
I owned an Alfa Romeo 1.5 Sprint Veloce back in the day. It still ranks as one of my favourite cars. In my eyes it had lovely styling with character and entertainment in abundance. A stainless steel exhaust by BLS used to snarl on the over run and upchange. Like my MX-5 I could have heaps of fun at sane road speeds. It, too, felt as though I was travelling much faster than I was.
Funny that you should mention a 7too since I work with a fellow who’s on the hunt for one as we speak. I shall be fascinated to see what a run in it feels like when he treats himself to one. In honesty they are a bit rich for my blood.
My MX-5 has been and continues to be a bit of a project. I’m not convinced that I could have enjoyed as much freedom to add my little touches to a 7. That and the fact that it spends it’s time outside in the elements.
For now I shall enjoy my 5 and the bits and bobs I’m doing to it. Perhaps in the future I’ll get to experience 7ownership.

You are probably right. The caterham can be a bit of a palaver. Clamber in, harnesses on, can’t reach steering wheel (it’s as well to get the removable one or it’s a bigger ordeal getting in) get harnesses off, get wheel back in again, forget wallet and phone get harnesses off and so on.

The pedal spacing makes the sud look like a Rolls Royce.

You can’t throw just throw the hood back in a Caterham. It’s really awful sorting out the weather kit. It never fits properly and it’s really stiff.

The wind lash is terrific due to the little flat screen and the mirrors don’t work as they vibrate so much - it means the visibility in an MX5 is much better.

You can work on the caterham. Some bits are very dear though.

It is not a car for main roads and motorways but the MX5 can do lanes and the m25 - and it’s got a radio.

On the right day on the right road there is nothing that will touch a caterham in the car world but you get 5 or 6 good days a year if your not retired. The MX5 let’s you into that world every day - even to go to the shops.

I tried a tvr chimera but it’s a bit plastic fantastic. No I can see what your thinking is now and it makes sense.

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