Engine cover insulation?

I always live by the adage that if its there, it serves a purpose and really shouldn’t be removed.

Case in point: the insulation on the underside of my engine cover that keeps making an absolute mess of my lovely clean engine.

Is there likely to be any repercussion if I were to remove this flaky foam ■■■■?

Had anyone else done it?

The mice chewed half of mine away and from then on like you say it leaves a white powdery mess. I took it all off, been like it for around 3-4 years.

I’ve read a fair bit about this on American forums and getting rid of the insulation doesn’t seem to be a problem - in fact many of the respondents get rid of the entire cover.

Right that settles that, its gone!

I can understand getting rid of covers on some cars, but I think it looks rubbish without it, too black and plastic looking!