Engine cuts out when warm and won't restart

 Hi New here. Just got my first MX5 and loving it. Unfortunately there is a bit of a prblem which is letting the whole experience down.

When left ticking over it runs fine for about 30 mins then the revs splutter for 30 secs and it cuts out. It will ten not restart. Turns over but will not fire. Afte about 10 ins it then starts fine and runs fine for another 30 mins. It has not cut out while driving but I have not taken it on a long run yet. This is making me to nervous to incase I can’t get it started again. However when driving local for a bit I have stopped and had the same starting problem when I returned 5 mins later. I have changed the leads and plugs today but no improvement. Any help or advise would be much appreciated.

If it’s got the cam-angle sensor at the back of the head i would say it’s that, is your car a mark1 or 2?

sorry forget that just seen your signture! Embarassed

 It would seem to be temperature related.  This could point to the cam angle sensor, crankshaft position sensor, [the winding in these sensors sometimes is fine when the engine is cold but separate when it is hot, only to remake when it cools down] or the coilpack.  The best way forward would be to see if there are any fault codes which could point you in the right direction.

     Regards  Geoff Peace.

 When the engine stops after it gets hot, will it still turn over on the starter motor while it is still hot?

 Thanks everyone for your replys and help. Certainly a starting point.

Yes the engine turns over perfectly and sometimes trys to catch but not quite.

Sounds familiarRolling eyes



 Just a short note to thank you all for your assistance. I have now changed the crankshaft sensor and touch wood all seems fine. It managed a 200 mile trip last weekend without a hitch. So thanks again.