Engine slight burning smell, petrol smell and bonnet noise

  1. My model of MX-5 is: __ND RF
  2. I’m based near: __Yorkshire
  3. I’m looking for technical help or recommendations on: __


Now having driven the MX5 ND for some time I note a burning smell from the engine when revved out initially after some-time stood. So it does this two times and then after things are OK.

Also I note when stood with the engine off after stopping after a drive and then setting off again there is a strong petrol smell which enters the cabin. Again goes away quickly.

And finally when I close the engine bonnet after opening there is a loud metal sound as if two pieces of metal are hitting each other.

I hope owners of the MX5 ND can share their thoughts on these issues. Is this all normal?


Hi, just bumping this hoping someone can reply.


I think any car makes a clang when you drop the bonnet after opening it.

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Could be the auxiliary drive belt that is not tensioned correctly. If you bought the car recently I would get in touch with the seller. If not, get a garage to look it over.

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If near Sheffield pop it in to Roddisons on Shepcote Lane, he likes these cars and builds ND’s for track.
It’s unlikely we can diagnose your problems, it’ll be check this and that, process of elimination


I directed him to Roddisons months ago so I think we are on an uphill struggle.


Thanks guys for the replies. I think the trouble with going to the dealers is that they will just say fault not found/not been able to replicate so not worth the hassle.

I am getting it inspected by someone and also test-driven soon.

Sorry W but you continuously send out conflicting information. One minute you only want Mazda dealers to look at your car as you don’t trust anyone else, then you don’t trust Mazda dealers.

You have told us you have a Mazda Used Car Warranty, you have told us you have so many apparent faults, you have told us that the Mazda dealer were super helpful so why not just go back there and ask for all these things to be corrected.

Many people have tried to help you but it seems we and you just go round in circles, please take it back to where you purchased it and let them advise you.

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To be honest where I bought it from is quite far away. Plus they are not contacting back. My best bet is the local Mazda dealer but even there the communication is poor. I don’t know if these are faults. They might not be hence why I am asking first.

Where I did the rear differential oil was another Mazda dealer. Different location.

I think you are just winding us up and I for one will take no further part in your antics and suggest that others do the same.
I am sorry if this seems rude but you have tried my and others patience to the absolute limit.

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