ER Event - Sunday 10th June - Pathfinder Run

Full downloadable route is now available from here. Please print a copy off and bring it along on the day.

 A run which takes in some historic WW2 airfields in Cambridgeshire, finishing with a visit to the Pathfinder Museum at RAF Wyton. 

MUSEUM VISIT IS NOW FULL - HOWEVER YOU CAN STILL COME AND JOIN THE RUN only! If you want to visit the museum your name will go down on standby in case of bail-outs.

During WW2, the East of England was host to many air bases, many of which have since been abandoned to the farmer’s plough.

This run will take you past some of these airfields, with tantalising glimpses of runways, control towers and at one point, along an original perimeter track.  Plus there are a couple of steep hills to descend, a tea and bun stop, and lots of lovely open winding roads.

Starting point is Wood Green Animal Shelter in Godmanchester.  9:45am for pre-Ops briefing, 10am squadron scramble!

Finishing point is Hartford Mill near Huntingdon for lunch at about 1pm.  We have use of the conference room for lunch under ‘MX5 Owners Club’ though others will be using it, but fingers crossed for nice weather so we can sit outside and watch the ducks…  No need to book lunches, check out the link for the menu.

The Mill is 5 minutes from RAF Wyton, where I have arranged a visit to the Pathfinder Museum for 3pm.

Specifically operating out of Cambridgeshire airfields, the Pathfinder Force was a Group of specialist bomber squadrons, who dropped incendiary fires over targets in Germany, thus lighting the way for Allied bombers.

The Pathfinder Force’s HQ was initially RAF Wyton and it is here that you will find the Pathinder Museum.  It is not open to the general public, but I have made a special arrangement with the curators to allow us a visit after our run.   I have had a recc’y visit to the Museum (it’s fascinating!!) and there may also be a photo opportunity in front of the HQ building, before we go on to the Museum.

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 30 for the museum visit, so please reply confirming your attendance asap.

I will need your full name (and your passenger’s), car reg number and colour - this will facilitate our passage through security at the base.  You can PM me your Reg number and I won’t publish here.

NOTE: If you are a non UK resident you must tell me in advance as the base need to know.

Visitors’ details will be sent to RAF Wyton a week in advance.

You will need to bring photo id with you to ensure access to the base (passport or modern driving licence) 

Please state if you want to do run only, or run and museum in your reply. I do hope you can join us for yet more fun!

Full downloadable route is now available from here. Please print a copy off and bring it along on the day.

Chocks away!


Squadron numbers so far = 40 crew with a Big Wing of 22 cars:

1.  Carole Perry and Keith Logan - run and museum - Gold leader

  1. Steve and Jo Howard - run and museum

  2. David and Elaine Marsh - run and museum

  3. Nicola and David Cooke - run and museum

  4. Andrew and Hillary Scarlett - run and museum

  5. Alan Burt - run and museum

  6. John & Katie Pyle - run and museum - got your details thanks!

  7. Don  & Mo Johnson - run only

  8. Brian Thompson - run and museum

  9. Mark Waldron - run and museum

  10. Graham and Jackie Hancock - run and museum

12.  Steve Bainbridge & Diane Hills - run and museum

13.  Clive and  Gail Purvis - run and museum

  1. Lynne and Mick Pamenter - run only/run and museum

  2. Brian and April Barnes - run and museum

  3. Michelle Hillier and Alan Dixon - run and museum

17.Chris and Pat Willett - run and museum/run only

  1. Kevin Shields and Sue Skittrell - run and museum

  2. Robbie Marsh - run only

  3. Steve and Karen Clark - run only

  4. Sian & Chris Houseago - run and museum - confirmed

  5. Phil and Mary Ann - run & museum stand by


Damn, going to have to miss this!

Looks like a cracking day, best of luck guys have fun!


We shall be grateful if you will add us to your list of participants, and we would like to see the museum to the Pathfinders.

Regards, Anne & John

 Sounds like a very interesting day out, could you add us to the list for both the run & museum please.

Steve & Jo.

 Hi Carol,

Could you add myself and Elaine to the both the run and the Museum visit. Will pm you with the other details.

Thanks and regards



Hello Carole leader, blue one calling, received your mission transmission and confirm we are currently serviceable and looking forward to formatting with you at the rendezvous ready for onward at ten hundred hours. Salute

<o:p> </o:p>

Hopefully the met chaps book a clear run for us.Cool

<o:p> </o:p>

Tally Ho!

<o:p> </o:p>

David and Nicola for the run and visit please PM to follow.

Excellent idea!


Hi Carole

Can you please put us down for the run and Museum visit and I will message you the reg number shortly

Andrew & Hilly 

Chocks away…

Run and museum please.

Alan Burt;  Membership No: 15436;  Red Mk2;  S972 JGN

Well done for organising this.


Please enter John Pyle + 1( to be confirmed), run + museum



Please add us to list for run & museum .

Many Thanks

Don & Mo

 hi could you put me on the list for run and museum please  car is silver mk1 p524png or copper red mk3 ay07xvc depending on weather thanks b thompson

  1. Mark Waldron -run and museum



Hi Carole

I’ll try that again put me down for the run and the museum.




Just felt this great event needed a leg up. Smile

Could do with a bigger front page. Wink

 Thanks!! Hoping to add something special to it this weekend, fingers crossed for a friendly farmer…watch this space…


Hi Carole,

Can you please add us both for the run and museum please.

Regards, Clive & Gail Purvis 

Put me down for the run please Carole.

 You’re down for the run only.

The museum visit is now full, but I will still take names and put them on standby in case of any bailouts!

People who don’t have photo id can bring other forms of non photo id.


SmileHi Carole

Steve and I will be coming on the run only, please put our names down,  we’re looking forward to it!


Karen Clark