Eunos Aircon Condenser Wanted

I’m looking for a replacement condenser for our 1990 Eunos (1600cc)
I’ve looked around but having trouble sourcing one.
Any help gratefully received…

Hi Mike, did you ever get any luck with this request? I’m looking for the same and have shopped around but can’t find anything. Mine is completely jammed and rips the power steering belt off whenever anyone accidentally turns it on!

That sounds like a faulty compressor not the condenser.
I think compressors are available new and second hand and not that hard to find.

Edit: I know MX5bitz have some second hand compressors

Thanks very much for the tip - I’m speaking to MX5Bitz.

I echo Combemartin’s reply.
I had issues finding a condenser - Compressors are available as has been mentioned.
I actually sourced a condenser and drier from Rock Autos in the US. Very speedy service and not silly expensive. It is technically a Miata part but all the fixings are identical and the only issue was a pipe from the drier into the cars existing pipework which has to be made up from an air-con supplier.
Costwise the Condenser was £110 including shipping which by contrast I was quoted £400 for a recore of my original Condenser. This which was a risk as was unsure of the integrity of the A/C system…
Good luck !