Eunos mk1 1.8 wing braces

Can anyone tell me where the front wing braces are meant to fit?
I have the long rod ones and two smaller flat brackets but not sure where they should go.


The long one fits on a stud securing the engine tray, and then nut and bolt on the lower edge of the bumper. The stud might well be sheared off. The short one, from memory, nut and bolt through the bumper, wing join, then the other end slots through a hole on the inner wing, and secured with a bolt.


I have these other parts I’m not sure where they fit.


The top 2 in picture are clamp plates which pull the front of the wing together with the front bumper/nose. The other rods fit to the internal front wing lip and brace to a tapped hole in the inner wing

Thanks very much, good info.
Will need to buy new as they are corroded but at least I know what to call them now.


I made new clamp plates out of 6mm thk Perspex sheet and glued new studs in. I suppose you could pre treat new metal ones to avoid future corrosion issues, that said the old ones lasted nearly 30 years, not sure I’ll be around to worry in 30 years :woozy_face:

good idea!