Every so often

Every so often (think this would be the 2nd/3rd time since the new forums went live) the site asks me to confirm if I’m human or not to continue login.
I enter the answer, click submit and it immediately says that the username and password fields are empty.
I then login again, and instead of the forum I’m redirected to the main page (though I am logged on).

Just curious if this is meant to happen

Also I just experienced for the first time that after I logged out I decided to post about the above, so I clicked login again and it immeditately logged me in without having to enter any login/password - this may or may not be an issue for people on shared computers depending on the timeout but I figured I’d mention it.

Yes, I’ve experienced the same.

However it’s mainly with a fresh log-in being granted without the password, despite having deliberately logged out and closed the browser earlier, but I had not switched off the PC in the meantime. A naughty cookie perhaps? Or FF being too helpful and restoring a closed session when it shouldn’t?

The captcha thing I think is because of mistyping the password. Fortunately there is the ‘eye’ symbol on the password field so you have the option of seeing what you type. I’ve not had the captcha since I’ve been checking the password. Checking is required for me because often the left and right hand fingers seem to randomly get out of phase, eg otu fo pahse, a kind of manual dyslexia.
And I’ve deliberately not added any of my many passwords to the spellchecker…
Nor do I use a magic password handler - I trust only my flakey memory, and carefully avoid the all too many handlers on offer fishing for my custom…