exhaust manifold change, no remap


i am finding it difficult to raise the funds to change manifold and get remap done at same time, on my mk3.5 .

if i was to get manifold changed with a planned re-map later when i can afford it, would it do any damage (or run like a pig)?

sorry if this has been asked before, cant find an answer by searching.

Hi Simon,


You’ll be fine, the car will rev more freely but you won’t get all of the hp gains until the remap.  I installed a Racing Beat manifold last weekend and I’m due to flash in the stage 2 remap tomorrow, so will report back on how it performs   Looking at your avatar it looks like are also running a VR Sport Black?

Just be aware that a catless header increases the sound somewhat, how are you finding the sound of your new back box?  Will be interesting to hear how it sounds when you’ve fitted the manifold.





Depends on the backbox. I took my Racing Beat box off and replaced it with a Goperform as the RB rasped