Exhaust Sound

Hi, I have a Mk2.5 1.8 Arctic, I fancy changing the exhaust on it for more growl and slightly more meaty sound, s.
I don’t want anything silly that’s going to upset the neighbour’s
Any recommendations
Regards Chris

Opinions vary vastly Chris, but I’m very content with the Mx5Parts SS single exit job.
Obviously, you & I require to retain the CAT.
It gives me a socially acceptable & slightly more deep chested note and not at all chavvy.
It starts to give a nice decent rip above 4.5/5k, and makes mine sound like a “sports car” should in my view. On tick-over and bumbling around town it’s well subdued and not an OAP Mother with Pram frightener.

It’s all too easy to look like an utter c**k with zorsts.
Cobalt also have a good name but I cannot speak for them.

+1 for the Mx5parts SS back box mentioned above. I had one fitted to my Mk2, perfect sporty tone without being overly so.:+1:

Many thanks,

Got a cobalt rear box on my 2.5 from Moss at the spring rally in 2017. Sounds just right to me

Cobalt: highly recommended. The quality seems decent and the sound & tone is perfect in my opinion.

Again, Cobalt , they look and sound good, without being too " in your face " and after a few hundred miles the sound settles to a nice deep sporty tone.