F1 Young 💪

All hail Lando Norris, superb finish and first podium.
Can’t wait for 2021 full season, when we have all the young up and coming drivers in competitive cars🏎
Sainz in Ferrari alongside Leclerc, Verstappen alongside Albon in the Red Bull and Ricciardo with Norris in the McLaron. If only we could get Williams competitive, then we would have Russell and Latifi in the mix and with new regs and restrictions on cars for next year, we might be in for an exciting season.
Come on you young guns :muscle:

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Agree - it was good to watch the young guys taking over. Just a shame that the Red Bulls struggled as that would have been better as the front runners were too settled. Vettel has just lost it and Hamilton looks shaky, but you cannot write him off.

My prediction is LeClerc for the title this year

Would be nice to see, but the prancing horse team need to sort out their cars, if they want the championship.

I want LH to beat MS’s record first, then “Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!”, or something of that ilk!

I always like to see Bottas do well, and yesterday he won convincingly.
Must say, I thought that the 5 point penalty for Hamilton was grossly wrong.

All the rest were really just scrapping it out for some points.

Williams. It seems like forever since they had Massa and Bottas, and were ultra competitive.
Yet it’s only a few seasons.

It is interesting that Hamilton is seen as being invincible, but there is a lot of luck too in F1. I would like to see him win too and then he can retire (but probably will not as he will want to beat not equal MS.

There is a lot of uncertainty going on at the moment in F1, with Vettel out next year, the Mercedes team up in the air, Racing Point being rebranded Aston Martin, reduced funding too. This will help Williams as they have been really struggling to get on equal terms, but even with the loss of their main sponsor, they feel they can match the new maximum budget allowances.

It will be interesting to see if they get in more than the 8 races already fixed for the remainder of this season and all but Bottas will want more races as every race will count with so few opportunities.

Would be nice to see a English racing team back up there ( I’m talking team not driver ) it’s surprising how fast things change in F1, you never know.


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In some respects I think your right what was the two front men in F1 have got Other things going on outside of racing and it is now starting to show especially Vettel. Both of them have definitely lost the killer instinct when on track.

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the first race did show how much the red cars were cheating last year with there power unit “enhancements”
loved to see lando come third
like above i would love Lewis to beat the record then sod off and let the youngsters come through


Maybe that’s the way to go, to keep things fresh in F1.
Have a maximum age limit on drivers, so younger drivers can come through. And also have a cap on high driver wages, that would Go some way to equality in the sport.

That sums it up beautifully! :+1:

I can’t see why the F1 circus are all going round wearing face masks etc. The whole lot have been tested, no one has the lurgie, they’re in their own enclosed environment and yet they’re all poncing about with masks on. It was hilarious to watch the McLaren crew all elbow bumping each other after the good qualifying and then they were all hugging each other after Lando got the podium…

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I.E. face masks, at least in some respects their showing an example. But it’s hard not to act as normal when your excited about the result.

If you are successful in F1 - like Vettel, Raikonnen and Hamilton, you get paid a lot - and that is always difficult to walk away from. Raikonnen is 40!! but he will never get what he gets paid now elsewhere, so he is filling his pockets and knows he will never win another GP. Vettel still has a point to prove and is unlikely to race if not for Ferrari - I think he is too proud, as is Hamilton. Hamilton has it in him still at the moment, but the end is near - if he does not win the championship this year he will never win again…

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Yeah but are drivers who are getting on in age filling their pockets at the expense of the sport, their all rich men, their not exactly poor on retirement. And these days they all have their fingers in other pie’s, look at good old D.C. and Mark Webber, answer me that.

Surely you’re talking about Vettel, not Hamilton?
Lewis faced a lot of criticism last season about his extra curricular activities - fashion, music, etc.
He answered those critics with 11 wins, 6 podiums and finished the season 87 points ahead of his nearest rival (his team mate).

That was last year.
As was the one before it…etc.
This is this one.
Different world, unforeseen issues.

I applaud his stance, and why shouldn’t he speak out ? Grand Prix drivers are often characterised as dull and corporate - good for him for speaking out , as Mohammed Ali did .

But how curious the entire F1 community has not a single word about racing in countries with medieval approach to human rights, joke judicial systems and zero press freedom .Anybody would think they were getting funding and/or sponsorship money from the usual suspects in the Middle East and China …


Last year: winner Lewis Hamilton.
Year before: winner Lewis Hamilton.
This year: Mercedes qualify 6 tenths ahead of the rest in the first race.
Writing is on the wall - Lewis for a 7th and you might have to wind your neck in! LOL.