Fancy a TR Lane Roll Bar for a fiver???

As title!


Fancy adding a little stiffness to your chassis? Into your trackdays? Or just fancy supporting the retraining and rehabilitation of injured Servicemen?


Tim at TR Lane has very kindly donated Mission Motorsport three - yes three - of his rollbar range as prizes for us to offer.


Draw will be held at the OC’s National Rally at Gaydon in September (where we happen to be running the stunt show and drifting tuition :driving: )


Three prizes:


3rd: GP Rollbar!


2nd: GPD Rollbar!


1st: GPV Roll bar, set of door bars AND a harness bar!!!


That’s a top prize well in-excess of £600 and well-over a grands worth of goodies we’re giving away!


Entry is FREE and automatic when you buy a Mission Motorsport sticker from here:




Just to prove I’ll put my money where my mouth is, here’s my own car with the TR Lane full-cage:


Good luck, winners will be published in the Soft Top Hardtop magazine and we’ll of course update this thread too :thumb-up: 

Great cause and full respect to you, ordered mine and will order a couple more for my other cars too :smiley:

Thank you Sir Laughing

Best I get the stickers up to Iain F pronto!!!

Hi Jon.

just ordered 2 for both our cars, all the best to you Jim and the crew.Wink

Brian & April.

I’m in.
Great Organisation, I’ll be proud to have their name on my car.

Hi Jon

            That’s a great prize from Tim, as you know I have a  TR.Lane roll cage  like yourself and have found it to be a really good quality bit of kit. But that won’t stop me from buying a couple of your stickers. What size are the stickers ? I don’t imagine they are the same size as the ones on your car are they?

I will see you at Blyton this year as I will be on leave from sea.

Cheers Ross

Thanks Brian. You and April are of course part and parcel of our story to date for which we’re eternally grateful Laughing

Hi Ross, long time no see, hope the North Sea is keeping you honest!

Stickers approx 6" x 4" and look like this: