Feb 19th mid week meet

Hi all.
Forgot to mention the price. Which is £15.99 / head for the all you can eat buffet Plus what ever you spend on drinks. For the drivers and non drinkers amongst at us they do a bottomless soft drink which works out good value if you have a couple of refills throughout the evening. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.

As advertised in the program we have booked a table at the above restaurant. The table is booked for 19.30. 
for those not familiar with the venue is is an all you can eat oriental buffet with offerings ranging from sushi to sweet and sour with the likes of pizza available for those who prefer. 
The venue is beside the main Quay Street car park in Fareham PO16 0JN. 
If you intend to come please reply here so we can ensure we have sufficient room. 
looking forward to seeing a good turn out on the night. 
Richard and Clare


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Val and Bob are going

Myself and Kay would like to join you for the evening. I have posted details on our South Central Facebook page to see if we can get a few more for you.
You may need to update the link on the Solent FB page as the link on there already tries to connect to the old Forum.:slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Mal+ 1 going😉

Brilliant, well done Tug for posting his event on this forum. I have my spreadsheet running on my laptop for this event and will compare take up on here with that and update you on numbers.


Thoroughly enjoyed the event last year so I’ll be there again this year, see you on the 19th.

Hi sorry can’t make this one Tug. Hope you all have a good time.

Sorry Richard, Patricia and me can not make your event, as you are aware Patricia works in the evenings, perhaps one day we will be able to join you.

Sorry Chrystianne cannot make this one and also, Pat & John but realise Pat works Wednesday evenings to keep you in the style you are accustomed to😁
Catch up with you soon👍

Sorry to mess you about. Just realised that this clashes with our South Central Meeting so we will not be able to join you.
Alan & Kay.:persevere:

Ah, sorry you are unable to make this one but realise clashes do happen and the reason why I haven’t managed to get to a South Central mid-week event to date.

*By way of a quick update, as of Sat 8th Feb; We currently have 9 people signed up for this event and Tug has provisionally booked for 20 people.

Hopefully, we will get a few more, as it’s been a good social evening for Solent Area in the past. :+1:

We look forward to seeing you there :wink:

Hi all.
By way of an update we currently have the following people confirmed for this event.
Richard and Clare
Bob and Val
Mal plus 1
Max and Esther

If I have missed anyone from the list just let me know.
Looking forward to what is usually a good evening.

Richard and Clare.

Mum and dad would like to attend this one too this year!
See y’all next week :slight_smile:

Brilliant news Max, ref Mum and Dad coming along also - they are most welcome.

Tug - For info, I am bringing Vernon Huskisson along (an old work colleague) who has been to some of our events before.

Also, Diane & Terry will be there also. They are still getting to grip with new forum, so not posted yet.

So, according to my list we are now up to 10 people for this visit :+1:



Just reviewed responses on here and also on the Solent FB page and we now have 13 people attending this event - keep 'em coming :+1:

Great news with 13 it Sounds like it will be a good night.

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Indeed, looking forward to it👍

Sorry I can’t make this one but pleased you are getting interest noe Clare & Tug