Fireproofing rear bulkhead for road going hillclimb class


I have had a rollover bar fitted and this left two gaping holes in the rear parcel shelf, for which I have cunningly fabricated some metal  sheeting to “fill the voids”.

I have now sealed all gaps and unoccupied screw/bolt holes with LORIEN Intumescent (fireproof) sealant and am feeling rather pleased with myself.

I have also read the Motorsport UK blue book which only refers to such fireproofing in J 5.2.1 and K 14.1.2

It does not seem to specify the type or BS standard of sealant to use.

It has now been hinted to me that the sealant needs to be pink expanding fireproof foam but the Blue Book doesn’t seem to support this view.

What does everyone else use please?



Depending on how and wher you are hillclimbing, I was with the HSA and Bugatti Owners Club doing UK hills under there entry system, if standard road going sports car then in basic road trim will satisfy most scrutineers, go to the new Motorsport UK site (no Blue Book this year all on line) and find a scrutineer near you and have them check it out for eligibilty, remember new helmet rules this year as well, more expense, see you on the hills maybe, rgds, Paul H.e

Thanks for reply - I am doing a belt and braces operation with both intumescent sealant AND fireretardant foam (available from B&Q in pink!)
Fortunately my helmet has 4 years to run, which should see my enthusiasms out.