First test drive today!

Went to my local Mazda dealer and they had an '04 Mk2.5 ‘Euphonic’ with 15k miles on the forecourt. Quite impressed with the service there; they checked my drivers license, gave me a quick tour of the car, threw me the keys and said ‘Go play’… [:D]

First impressions…

Engine note a bit disappointing, quite thrashy.

Leather seats are nice, look better than their description in half red.

Cockpit design nice, though not up the quality of my Audi (high bar to reach TBH). I like the silver trimed face blowers

No aircon…!

Nice alloys on the Euphonic, multispoke 16"s

Boot smaller than I’d hoped, but not too bad…

Gorgeous curvy car (love the haunches in the rear view mirrors!) and the curve of the bonnet. Makes you feel special!

Nicely engineered roof, works well.

Sony stereo looked a bit ‘halfords’ - sounded ok though

Twirly dials for heating/demisting rather retro!


On the move…

Throttle response… nice. No turbo chargers to get in the way.

Wahey! handling is a shocking (in a good way!) - amazing! I was ‘overturning’ the wheel for each corner, Will take me some time to get smooth with that, but wow. Like a dirty great go-kart. Coming out of corners in second gear gives a little chirp from the back but limpit like roadholding and hardly any bodylean. Most impressed.

Firm but compliant suspension, nice mix.

Not as quick as I’d expected for a 1.8 16v and 140bhp, but ‘brisk’. Could really do with another 30-40bhp. Not much of a tone, engine still sounds a bit strained even when warm (15k might be a bit tight still - do they run in and get better like 16v’s of yore?). Otherwise gasflowing and some porting/polishing might be in order!! If only they had a nice little 2.2 or 2.5 V6 in there…

A bit of scuttle shake, but not too bad considering

No note from the exhaust, needs a little bit of burble (aftermarket fix I expect!)

Roof down… this is the life. Loads of fun! I had a sunny day and it was awesome.

Roof up, surprisingly quiet but… no aircon [:(] really not sure I can do without that…

5 speed box is beautifully ‘snicky’, clutch nice and light. Feels much faster with the roof down.



So… still like it. I think air-con will be a must though… Easy on the 6speed box now (will be happy with the 5). I believe the Euphonic has the LSD as standard too. Not sure if I’ll notice that or not…


The hunt goes on!




hi drew

you’re hooked already…[H]

it was never meant to be super fast, its the handling performance that is the key

loads of cars available with a/c (especially imports) & loads of folk fit aftermarket mods such as exhaust systems, turbo, supercharger etc. etc.

have fun


 I test drove a couple of Mk 2.5 Sports this weekend…Watch this space.

Very impressed with the ride & performance.

No air con as you found but my MK1 has it & i never use it as the tops mostly off.

Got my eye on a couple of Limited Editions too as well as the Sport but will see what grabs me.

Good luck with the search.

“Cockpit design nice, though not up the quality of my Audi”  Quality of plastics may not be as good but build is a good 50% better and mechanics bomb proof.Unfortunately Audi bask in some over rated piffle about reliabilty…its just not true.