First time Mx5 owner from Suffolk

Hello, new to the owners club and this is my first post! I bought my little project in July. It’s a 1997 Mk1 1.6 with a broken spring and suspected waterpump issue, and i’ve been stuck on and off since but will get there eventually! Thanks for having me and apologies in advance for the multitude of questions as i’m wanting to learn fix things myself!

Looking forward to this journey!


Hello and welcome from Nottinghamshire… Good on you for saving another NA…(Mk1)
There will be many on here happy to help you on your “journey” :slight_smile:


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Welcome aboard.
Plenty of helpful, knowledgeable sorts around here so ask away. Someone will know the answer.
Enjoy your project and don’t forget to share your adventures along the way :+1:

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Welcome. I know what you mean by a little NA project!

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Is that it’s current state, or have you got it sorted since? curious what it’s come up like!

Welcome and best of luck with it.

Welcome from another Suffolk MX-5 person. You’ll have to bring it along to one of the meets once we get back to holding them…

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10 days in



Welcome from mid-Suffolk!

We had our Mk3 2.0 engine rebuilt by Scolar on the A140 near us. If you need any engine fettling talk to those guys.

Thanks Mike, will definitely look into that, although as it stands i’d just be happy for someone to come take this Crankshaft seal out :rofl:

Wow, that’s come up lovely! Hope it looks as good underneath!

I hope its not just a case of photoshop wizardry :joy: :joy:

Only joking Retrorixy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Never seen such a solid mx5!

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