Fitting bucket seats to NC

Hi guys, we do occasional track days sprints recently Rockingham. Car is fun to drive but find myself wedging myself in with elbows and knees. Would like to fit a bucket seat that can be used only for track days so needs to be easily removed.what size seat for NC can this be fitted to standard rails so in and out on 4? Bolts. If I do this is there an easy way to fit a harnes. Loads seen in NA and B has anyone fitted them in NC. Will only do drivers probably 



Do you do facebook?  There is a guy on one of the MX5 NC groups (Adam James Taylor I think) who has made a bracket that bolts onto the 4 bolt holes and gives a flat steel surface.  they are quite wide so you can then bolt in anything you want using generic runners that come with the seat, I guess side mounts would sit lowest if you need that.  He sells them for £100 each.  I suspect that would be your easiest option.

Which seats fit I couldn’t tell you but I know space is quite tight so you need to choose carefully!  Its been discussed on the MX5 facebook page a few times…