Fitting new heat shield [Pollyana]--NA (MK1)

I have been wanting to cover up the exhaust manifold for a while now but I couldn’t get the MX5PARTS one to fit, mainly I suppose because the manifold is not the original one. Mine that is fitted is a JASMA stainless steel one.
The first picture shows the shield that I cut to try to get it to fit without success.
Now that I have nearly finished smartening up the engine bay I decided to go ahead and make something to cover the manifold up.
After getting some advice from an OC member I went ahead to construct one out of stainless steel, which surprisingly, I found easier than I had anticipated to work with.
From the pictures you will see I made a cardboard model of what I wanted and then used the pieces to cut the three pieces of stainless steel to the required shapes.
The pictures tell the rest of the story.

I cut and shaped everything including polishing it, except for the welding which was done by a local, two man, company who work with stainless steel a lot. His welding was superb, it wasn’t difficult to get it smooth and level ready to polish. The piece of stainless steel sheet cost £5.00 and the welding £7.50.