For Sale: Mk1 1991 Limited Edition #1 of 250

I stumbled across this for sale, £8888 on eBay or £9888 direct from the dealer…take your pick…!

Sounds expensive to me, given some of the MOT history, but it is #1 of 250 so it’ll command a premium.

If only I had the cash


I believe this car was owned from new by a current member here on the forum  and wonder if he is tempted !! 

I have been looking at the ever increasing prices of decent MK1’s over the last couple of years.

I think we are getting to a point where the decent cars will fetch £10k upwards and the remainder will hover around half that.

In a few years the MK1’s that are left will begin to increase in value but until then they will be regarded as cheap cars.

The MK1 is fast becoming a rare sight on the roads as so many are being used up for various disciplines or being scrapped because owners will not pay to have correct repair work carried out.

I thought of selling my mk1 which I can say is mechanically in fine order but the body/paint is in need or repair but I would only get a maximum of £2000 for it.

To me my car is worth more than that so I intend to keep it.

The car advertised above looks to be a nice example but its not stunning and doesn’t jump out at me as being that special.

If you were to buy a decent model MK1 which needed paint and sills doing then by the time you have paid to have that work completed the price would soon reach the above price or certainly close to it for a top job.

So I suppose the price asked for the advertised car is about right but its not for me as its just not that special (I appreciate is a limited edition but it still doesn’t do it for me)

My 2p worth 


Not at that price unfortunately - no.


But good to see that the magazine articles, and copy photos of the presentation to me in 1991, that I gave to the next owner, have still survived!

I would have expected the mot history to have read a lot better, for that sort of money…!

001 was sold through an auction back in November last year:

I’d love to know how much it sold for then - I did make enquiries at the auction company, but not surprisingly, they weren’t telling.  Wonder if it’s been ‘done up’ in the ensuing 9 months, and is now for sale.   Given the condition it was in when I saw it again 20 years ago - and the subsequent chequered MoT history (and necessary corrective work, to who knows what sort of standard), there is no way I’d go to £8k.

Still - good to know it’s still alive & kicking