Forum section headings doubled up.

A few tech problems of late, apart from slow load up I now see doubled up forum section headings,y anyone else?

Whilst I’ve noticed the forum is a bit slow at times the headings look fine for me. 



Same here.

Things back to normal now. I was viewing on my phone earlier, refreshing the page made no difference, a glitch.

I’m seeing this today, but only if I’m not logged in, otherwise they appear fine:

I’m seeing duplicates in the unread section on my tablet. Glad it’s not just me

Not just you Dave, I had this latter part of yesterday and early today. Seems to be back to normal at the moment.  


Not here unfortunately Rob

We are seeing double in the ‘unanswered topic’ section’


I could see double headings for the last few days on my iPad. Today it is only the “Unanswered Topics” that are doubled up.




I’m still getting double headings.
Anybody solved this?

Still here too in the unanswered topics section

If on as Guest posts duplicated in both active and unanswered, if logged on only duplicated in unanswered!

I’m sure it will all disappear in the same random style that it has appeared, probably after the next scheduled reboot…

It’s causing me sleepless nights…