Fresh Blood...

Picking up my MX-5 tomorrow.  Have already introduced myself in the New Members part and Mr Admin has kindly suggested that I post in here as, apparently, this is where all the fun is!

Car is 2007 2.0l, Roadster Coupe sort of grey colour, full leather including heated seats, air con, BOSE and test drive was out of this world.  Still slightly confused with the Mark type (2.5 or 3??)

Did try out others but found that they did not have the adjustable driver’s seat meaning my head was just touching the roof (speed bumps would have been painful) and limited forward view.  This one is fully adjustable (seat and steering wheel) and fits like a glove.

Looking forwards to spending time in here already!


 Mk 3 with a 2ltr engine.

Greetings and welcome new blood Thumbs up


Yes indeed, its lovely here… Big Smile

You will need to try out one of our local events, have a look at the Eastern Region Calendar and details of the monthly meets as well. This is where the fun starts… Thumbs up

Welcome CambsMaz - and enjoy !

If you’re confused about the differences between models, join the club. You ain’t seen nothing yet. There are so many different models, modifications, names of special issues, etc. to take a lifetime to find out about - but the great thing is we all enjoy our own and everyone else’s. There was a brilliant post somewhere that I can’t find explaining the models, the years, etc. etc. - have a browse through the forum threads.

Basically the Mk 1 was when it started in 1990 until the Mk2 in 1998. The Mk 2 was modified in 2000 and is referred to as the Mk 2.5. The Mk 3 was launched in 2005, I think, and has undergone an update to make the Mk 3.5. We now await the launch of the Mk 4. The Eunos is the Mk 1 - oh, and a Miata means the same as an MX5 - just what the car’s called in America and other countries. Hope that’ll get you started. Waving

Hi, welcome to the forum Waving .






Not quite true either, at least two of my customers have Mk2 Eunos`s

Dr. EunosGeek


Sorry John…


The badges have been stuck on by an owner somewhere along the line, there is not a eunos MK 2 you have the roadster or the mx5, mk 1 was badged as the miata in the states , the Mx-5 here, and the Eunos brand of mazda in Japan from 1989 > 1997

I have personally chaged the badges on my Mk 2 to the Mazda efini brand badge(Japan), which was badged the Rx7 here.


Hi CambsMaz

Welcome to the world of MX-5 motoring, from what you say about your new MX if  its 2007 it will be a Mk3.

Have you seen on the forum that Cambridgeshire has it’s own meeting at the Old Ferry Boat, Holywell on the second Tuesday of the month, at 8.00 pm, so the next meet will be Tuesday the 9th August.

If you have nothing better to do, please come along to the next meet and introduce yourself and your car to the rest of us.  If it’s of any interest, we have a meet point at Cottenham Green, meeting at 7.15 and leaving at 7.30 for Holywell, usually 3 or 4 cars meet up there.

Food is available at the Old Ferry Boat, they do a meal deal of 2 meals for 9.95, if you are on your own don’t worry usually there is another unaccompanied person looking to take advantage of the deal.

Hopefully see you on Tuesday, as a lot of future events for MX-'s will be discussed.



Welcome to the forum…Waving 

And do join in on the forums - as you can see, the membership is very active putting you right  if you get it wrong (thanks, Wayne, always ready to listen to anyone who knows what he’s talking about Wink) - it’s all part of the fun . . . . hope I gave you a start anyway as far as the differences are concerned, (noone else seemed to want to put their head over the parapet until a few shots had been fired - we’ve all learned a bit, I reckon Embarassed) !

Welcome to the MX-5 Owners Club CambsMaz. And seeing as you’ve posted here, welcome to the Eastern Region. I’ll no doubt see you at an Eastern Region event soon.