Friday Funday

Been a bit slack with my brain teasers… heres a few LTD edtions that have been scrambled up a bit… no prizes just the kudos of getting them all right :rofl:

  1. African oil
  2. Ells engage
  3. Ac moon
  4. Beery elk
  5. Corners japan
  6. Hi pounce
  7. Brock splat
  8. fanny retentivity wharfs
  9. functional hider
  10. arc troopers

have fun :slight_smile:

Interesting selection.

The only one I can’t identify is no 8. Edit… Ah Just got it!

And you still don’t have mine in the lists…

It’s nothing personal :wink:

I got them all eventually. No. 9 was the hardest.

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  1. African oil - California
  2. Ells engage - Gleneagles
  3. Ac moon - Monaco
  4. Beery elk - Berkeley
  5. Corners japan - Jasper Conran
  6. Hi pounce - Euphonic
  7. Brock splat - Sport Black
  8. fanny retentivity wharfs - twenty fifth anniversary
  9. functional hider - RF Launch edition
  10. arc troopers - Sport Recaro