Front caliper overhaul MK1 1.6

 Anyone got a pair of front calipers in good condition please?

Just thought I would ask before going the recon route as I’m skint :frowning:


Also giving the new forum a go :wink:

I have a pair which require attention ( one seized) if they are any use to you overhaul? they are in ‘fair’ condition.  I had planned to overhaul them before selling, but will let them go ‘as is’ if it helps you.

 Cheers, but if I was to refurbish I would probably jsut do my own. It would be handy to have a set to do off the car I suppose, but it will be an added expense.
 I’ve cleaned mine up and pushed the piston in and out and it seems to move quite freely using a g-clamp and the brake pedal, but the piston doesn’t push in by hand.
 I’m going to have another go at cleaning them up at the weekend.
 Thanks for the reply. [Y]

May as well try a reply on this forum too …I don`t think they will ever push back “by hand” halli. The usual method is with a srewdriver using the pad to push against. If you can do that after cleaning & lubricating then you should be fine. [Y]

Ah, I see. I was confused because some guy called DavesBRG5 on nutz said:

Well I think I must have done a good job then as the piston is going in and out no bother. I’ll clean them up a bit more and do the other three corners at the weekend. 
Thanks for all of the help over on nutz Dave [Y]

That was my twin brother lol he meant with a screwdriver assisting the hand as apposed to a G clamp…Hope its ok & you have saved yourself a few £££s


So guys, as one of my pistons is not moving ( seized maybe) anyone got any tips to get it moving?  The calipers are currently spares and off the car it would be useful if they worked!!

Any tips greatly received !!!

try here

 Mine was on the car, I jacked the car up adn removed the wheel, undid the lower securing slider pin and lifted the caliper up and tied it to the springs with a cable tie. With my son in the driver’s seat I got him to pump the brake pedal (with the master cylinder cap off) until the piston came out about 3/4 of an inch. I pulled back the seal and cleaned the piston with a rag and brake cleaner. Then gave it a dose of WD40.
 I then pushed the piston back in with a g-clamp and repeated this procedure about 10 times.
 I believe you can push the piston out with an air line if it is off the car. Or pull it out using grips/pliers of some sort.

Looking at the insides of a caliper (on a picture over on mx5nutz) it looks to be a pretty simple job to strip and refirb a caliper using new seals and piston.

All thanks for all the info and advice, I will certainly give them an overhaul as they will be useful to keep as spares or someone may need them.


One last question, regarding the top and bottom pins the caliper slide on, how ‘free’ should these be?  i.e how easy should the caliper move on them?  mine seem ‘sluggish’

An interfearance fit is about right, I take them out, wire brudh them then apply high temp brake grease before re assembly… et voila! I can move the calipers forwards and back easily by hand.

Even though they have the dust seals you’ll be suprised how much crud they collect. 

Hi halli. don’t use a G clamp on the rear pistons or you will knacker them.

 I am sure you will have seen this this but just in case here it is again, This is well worth doing.

This seems to be more of a Garage topic mow so I’ve moved it & changed the title. I trust that is acceptable. Halli, I can’t see how to split posts so I’ve had to move your original wanted post as well. Please re-post in wanted if you are still on the look out for calipers.

 Yes, I was aware of that - Shame the garage that did the rear brakes two years ago didn’t know that. They pushed them in, broke the calipers and then told me it was because they were seized. I had to buy recon calipers for he rears because of it.

Essential reading - some of it way over my head and beyond my understanding though. I’m just going to give the rears a clean up and re grease then adjust the aln key to make sure they are adjusted properly. If  your tutorial makes sense when I’m under the car then I’ll give it all a go [;)]
@ Roadster Robbie - Cheers, I don’t think I need new calipers anymore, so the ad wasn’t needed.