Full set stainless fasteners

I’m about to replace all bushes and fit Meisterr suspension to my 2007 NC1.

I would like to replace all fasteners with stainless components to reduce future corrosion. Does anyone have a source or specification.

Any help gratefully received


Are stainless fasteners rated the same as steel. And would mixing stainless and steel promote galvanic corrosion elewhere?

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Having worked in engineering all my life I would say stainless steel bolts are not as strong as high tensile bolts. Stainless steel bolts can stretch under tension. Don’t think I would be fitting stainless steel bolts to suspension parts. However It is possible to buy nickel plated high tensile bolts.

Best to use OEM spec fixings to be safe.


DO NOT use ss for this job!


I don’t know about suitability for all things, but I was recently told to get round the future corrosion issues with bolts etc. by smothering them with Copper Grease before fitting.

Thanks all, exactly the feedback I have had from MX5 parts - use OEM

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Totally agree. Unless you know exactly what you are buying from Fastener Suppliers you should always, in the case of safety or mechanically critical fasteners, use the same part is used in the OE build. Fasteners from independent suppliers will probably not have either the correct tensile strength or surface coatings to do the intended job although I’m not sure that Mazda apply the best practise when it comes to anti corrosion protection on some of their suspension and chassis fixings. Fastener corrosion and lubrication technology is a specialist subject and Automotive Manufacturers usually go to great lengths to make sure the appropriate fixings are used where corrosion resistance and or strength are required. However costs are sometimes more important than longevity…

Spray everything with Lanoguard spray once it is fitted. Helps keep corrosion at bay.

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