Future mx-5 Nc owner

Hello and good evening I’m a future member after lockdown I will be hunting of 2l nc
currently driving mazda 6 gh 2.5l daily and toy car modified Rx8.
My name is Mihail and live and work in London.

also I read somewhere you can use mazda6 2.5l engine for the mx5 nc


Welcome Mihail.

After over 8 years of ownership (mine’s an NC2 / Mk3.5) I can thoroughly recommend the NC 2.0 litre - it’s a great car in my opinion.

Lots of good advice on here - I’ve heard of a number of 2.5 litre conversions for these cars, I believe it’s a fairly easy swap.

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Mine is a 2011 2.0 RC in Copper Red. It is a great car to drive, does 38mpg and is cheap to insure for a 73 year old who only does 3500-4000 miles per annum. (I also have a Mazda 2 and a Skoda Yeti).
The MX-5 is in fabulous condition - only 27500 miles - and a real “head-turner”,
I previously owned a red 2001 MX-5 1.6 Isola for 3 years. It was my first ever sports car - bought when I was 67! - and I wish I had bought one earlier.

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I agree maz566 about it being a great car to drive. Mine is also copper red, a 2008 NC 2.0 Sport, but with a lot more miles on than yours at 97,000. When the sun is out, the bodywork is shining, and the roof is down… waiting… I look at the car with a feeling of pride at being the owner, and wish I could have done something sooner. The fuel return is usually anywhere between 34 and 45 mpg, depending on a short or longer run, and again for a grey (hmm… white) haired wrinkly, is a very reasonable car to insure.

Over 40 years ago I did own two MG Midgets, first a 1098cc, and then a 1275cc, and always wanted to get back to roof down motoring, but married life, stiff mortgages, and three children, meant it was not to be, so my mid (late) life crisis is now here for the enjoyment.

Have fun Mihail.