Garage work - proof of parts costs

Luck of the draw. local garage fitted new Klarius exhaust for Mot without asking, Big dent in the silencer and damaged / grazed chrome tip, charged more than Moss cobalt. The Old exhaust was ok, and I had intended replacing with a Stainless when necessary. Within 12 months, the silencer dent popped so noisy rattling baffles. Klarius have 2 year warranty but garage doubted they had receipt so not interested. So I bought the Moss Cobalt / gaskets fitted it myself, all ok 4 years on. Never been back to the local garage

Except, for VAT Tax reasons, Klarius would have to keep a record of the transaction…minimum 3 years I think, perhaps more.
There’s always a paper trail.


They maybe began bacon butties

Meant began.
Why is paint so thin on Mazda as everytime I go out in it I get yet another stone chip

The only thing thick about 5s over 30 years…are a few of their owners.

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The Garage wouldn’t have bought it from Klarius. The garage would have bought it from a motor factors, then the garage would forget which motor factors,because they will buy from lots of factors for the cheapest then can’t be bothered figuring it out. We get tons of garages ringing us at work asking if they have bought stuff of us because it’s warranty.

Good point, garages loss as they maintained our 3 cars

Yes, the garage actually said he would not remember where he got it from. Thank goodness Mx5 parts are cheap so not the end of the world buying twice

Cheeky question, Leaking auto trans return pipes, are they the pipes from the radiator, where did you buy the pipes, I could not find any afew years ago. my mx5 1.6 auto trans pipes are corroded, not leaking yet, but greased.

Good question, not cheeky.
As you are perhaps aware, it’s not a pressurised system.
What my lads did was pretty inventive.
They removed all the pipes, cut out the sections that had perforated, then slid rubber brake pipes from a goosed Mercedes, triple Circlips & a smear of gasket seal, and fashioned “new” pipes in sections. All from off cuts from a big Merc brake overhaul.
How bliddy clever was that. Stronger than new really.
It;s ATF tight, zero drips.
However, sad to say the box might need ditched thanks to a main sensor failing that does the O’d.
I can get a plug n play box OK, it’s just a nuisance. If I have to, I’ll strip out these pipes and the good sensors for my spares dept.
If you do spring leak, just slice out the offending few inches and bypass the gap with rubber brake pipe. Works a treat.


Great advice and yes very inventive, Ideal information in case of emergency. I changed the radiator and saw they were heavily corroded but no leaks so protected them with grease.

With respect, you’d be better getting the grease off, attact the oxide with emery, treating with rust killer prep then smooth Hammerite.
Nasty difficult dirty job I admit.
I did’nt…and look what happened!
While you are there one day, do the same with your metal PAS piping.

Too much corrosion to dare rubbing down the pipes. Thanks I will check the pas pipes.

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