Garden project ....finally. (picture heavy )

mrsB has been at me for years to finish the decking area (started in 2004 :joy: :joy:)
wanting an area to put one of these outdoor settee things :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

so first job was to demolish the shed , on level 3

this will be burned on bonfire night

level 2 (up first set of steps ) was given a good clean and check over . :roll_eyes:

so down to garden level , where new decking going . :roll_eyes:
30 new scaffold boards @ 13 ft were bought for £300 , delivered .
heres some pics of how it all came together ( so far ) ,still new treads for steps to do.
size of deck is 13’ x 9’

this had 2 coats of preserver ,

mrsB wanted it painting one of these fancy colours , i agreed to silver birch and slate :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

a couple of coats to the frame exterior . :+1:

the boards were cut to length and treated on the reverse side , left over night to dry.
started fitting the scaff boards ,

got these screwed down and treated before it dropped dark, luckily the rain held off too.
finished the rest of the decking off today ,

still more to do , like steps at front corner ,maybe step in middle , etc… then another complete coat of colour to finish :+1: :+1: :+1:


Looks fantastic, love the colour.
However that slide should have a health and safety warning on it, or at least something soft to land on.

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thats another job, relocate slide for grandkids :man_shrugging: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Nothing wrong with the slide .just like the fun house in Blackpool :blush:

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Got the corner step made today :+1:t3:And the treads on the first platform.

Got a coat of silver birch colour on

I had a bit of help from barney and blue :dog::dog:


Dogs look happy Geoff? They’re a great help aren’t they? :grinning: Decking is coming along very nicely indeed :+1:


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an update on my decking project :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
got the treads done on the steps :+1:
also 2 coats of silver birch on framework …still loads of painting still to do :triumph:

then a good tidy up in that corner , mrsB thinks it may be an idea to make storage under the steps for wheelie bins , with fitted doors to hide them .


You’ve done too good a job Geoff, she’ll have you doing all sorts now! :grin::grin:

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Once this is finished baz , that’s me done for another 14 years :wink::rofl::rofl:


I bet your wife has other ideas on that I know mine always has. :rofl:


as the weather was dry today i got another coat of silver birch and slate on the decking :+1:

i’ve made a (L/H) side panel for the steps ( painted and ready to fit ) and this will make a storage place for my car ramps , accessed from the r/h side of steps …
totally hidden :+1: :+1: :+1: , they are actually there now :shushing_face: :shushing_face:

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