Gasket sets

I’m reconditioning my '95 Eunos 1.8 engine that has a BP engine number.

When I search for a gasket set I’m asked if the engine is a 130HP or a 131HP

question is does it matter for a gasket set, are there any differences between those 2 HP outputs as far as gaskets are concerned?


These engines are all the same, so from 1993 when first produced until 1998 when the last NA 1.8 was registered, exactly the same basic engine, inlet and exhaust manifolds.

There is confusion over BHP figures for all these. early 1.6 listed from 113 - 115bhp

later detuned 1.6 listed from 88 - 90 bhp.

I hope the rebuild goes well. 

This gets very sticky as information appears to change on different websites.

I’m no expert on MK1 cars but here goes.

It is reported on one website that certain special edition modesl from Japan in 1995 August time onwards had the Phase 2 1.8 engine with a 16 bit ECU and the engine produced 133bhp. Wikopedia advise the Phase 1, 1.8 engine produced 128bhp.

If you go on to Autolink or MX5PARTS site, the gasket sets for the 1.8 Mk1 are sold basically for all the 1.8 Mk1 engines.

A quick look on the Mazda parts system shows only a few gaskets that are changed between 1994 and the end of 1997.

No I did not write down details as I got boared looking.

Therefore if your car was made before Aug 1995 it may use the 131bhp set for the 128bhp engine according to Wikopedia. If after that date then the the later set.

If some of the MK1 experts like SAZ or RichardN see this they will be better informed.

I would phone up Autolink and ask there as they dismantle cars and have a better idea of the changes in the cars over the years as they have been getting their hands dirty for many years.


Same engine Eddie and same gasket set 


Therefore you are suggesting Rob it was only an ecu change on the last two years of the cars noted as Phase 2.

Hi Eddie

There were a few changes and differences - coil pack - 4 pin to three pin, Front pipe, cat, several varieties of standalone ECU BPS4, BPS5(later Eunos), BPF3(Eunos), BPF8 and then immobilized BPU2(A & B variants).

Alternator, CAS, always the same.

Probably some different part numbers to confuse but same for auto and manual too.

Maybe the ecu would make a small difference to output but they are all basically the same.        


Having a further look on the Mazda parts system

Loads of different ECU’s for the MK1 1.8

Two different parts numbers for a full gasket set both the same price over £300 with the VAT on

NA 18*2 -207088
NA 30** -100238



I then tried to find different gaskets but to no avail.

Some JDM cars had a lighter a flywheel I believe but there is only one parts number for UK flywheels.

Maybe the higher power cars with the supposed lighter flywheel were never sold in the UK or Europe so no info on the UK based parts system but more parts on the Japanese parts diagrams.