Gaydon Breakfast Meet - Is it happening?

Could somebody please post an official response to a question many are asking.
Is the Jul 3rd Breakfast Meet at Gaydon happening??

Go to the gaydon website tickets avaliable have mine already

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It is a Gaydon event, not one organised by the club.

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Ahh. Thanks. A few people have picked up on it including myself. Is it MX5 specific or all makes and models? I assume details are on Gaydon’s web site.

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thanks for the info! I’d been checking the owners club website for ages and finding nothing, bit weird. Wasn’t there mention of going to Caffeine & Machine as well?
thanks Rachel

Yes, I too was keeping an eye on the MX5OC Website but nothing there.

I have just been on The British Motor Museum website and there is nothing about an MX5 Breakfast Meet in July. Has the plug been pulled on this one🤔

doesnt this thread relate to an event last year?

Good point but thought there was another one this year but apparently not. Thanks for the response through. :wink: