Gear Shift issues

Evening all,

Just got in from a little outing, and have had a bit of a problem on the way back jumped on the motorway for last bit up the box 3 - 4 to 5th with giving it a little power nothing major, and got a pop the shifter now goes over the the right a lot more than it did like the stop has broken

I still have all the gears and not having an issue fining them,

So do they have a stop on the H pattern is this something that’s easy to fix on driveway with out having to pull the box?

Any link to the part or how to fix this would be really helpful. It’s a Mk1 1.6 if that help

You could start by checking the shift boots. In the package below the lower boot perishers causing a loose feel to the gear change. The upper one perishers the same and let’s excessive heat into the cabin from the gearbox/exhaust etc…

It’s a centre console out job to check on these, easy enough.

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Cool thank you, I’ll have a look tomorrow if it’s dry when I get home from work. The cabin dose get warm but I always put this down to the aftermarket exhaust

Centre console removal is just the 5/6 screws from what I recall

There are 2 spring plungers each side of the gear stick which centre it and give resistance. Could be one of the springs has broken or the plunger cover on the gearbox has broken free. Once you’ve got the gear lever out as suggested above, you should be able to see the plungers if you remove the oil from around where the gear lever goes into the gearbox.

Also the £2 nylon bushing on the end of the gearstick can crack, wear